Rupa Shah

Training, seminars & workshops on the ASA, CAP Code & CMA rules for influencer marketing. Director: Rupa Shah.

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About Rupa Shah

Rupa Shah has a reputation for helping brands understand the role of the influencer and how to make sure what is delivered builds both brand reputation and consumer delight.

Prior to founding Hashtag Ad, Rupa worked at the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) for 13 years, where she developed a keen understanding of the regulatory regime for advertising through her investigative, advisory and compliance roles. As complaints about influencer marketing increased, Rupa developed CAP guidance papers, gave industry presentations and organised seminars on compliance but ultimately recognised the need for a more integrated and tailored approach to avoiding those damaging ASA or FTC rulings, forming Hashtag Ad to advise brands on how to deliver great campaigns.

Rupa is a regular guest blogger and podcaster and was recently interviewed by Al Jazeera News on the topic of influencer disclosure and transparency.

Rupa joins EPIC/2019 as an expert speaker on influencer marketing. She is Founder of Hashtag Ad Consulting, a London firm that provides guidance and training on the advertising rules to social media and influencer marketers. Her bsusiness takes a unique approach to demystifying advertising regulations across the globe, working closely with influencers, their managers, ad agencies, tech platforms and brand owners to embed compliance throughout the marketing process and, ultimately, to help brands and influencer marketers protect their reputation.